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Our History


imageHistory & Tradition Notre Dame High School was founded by the Congregation of Notre Dame in 1941 to provide excellence in education for young Catholic women. The Sisters of the Congregation, and now the Associates, have been teaching at the school throughout its 70-year history.

Since 1941, the school has grown. In 1963 O’Connor Hall was built and then in the 70’s with enrollment at 1,111, Notre Dame moved into the second and third floors of the neighbouring St. John’ Catholic School. At present all three buildings are in use.

These years also saw the canonization of Marguerite Bourgeoys, the founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame and now the school’s patron saint. Her feast day is celebrated annually with special events coordinated by the school’s chaplaincy team. An educator herself, Marguerite’s legacy lives on as she serves as an important role model for staff and students alike.

Most recently, Notre Dame has entered into an arrangement with its brother school, Neil McNeil to share courses at the grade 12 level.

History and tradition are important at Notre Dame and the involvement of the members of the alumnae association in the life of the school attest to this.


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