For Notre Dame Grads and Friends

The Notre Dame 70’s Test

imageThis Notre Dame 70’s Test has been brought to you by:
Lorraine Treacy, ’79;
Thanks to  the Secretary’s reports of the 70’s.

You were at NDHS in the 70’s if:


image1. You know you were at ND in the 70’s if you could tie a tie. In 1969 ND had a maroon and white uniform with ties, vests and very long and pointed collars.      



2.  If you loved the Bay City Rollers and had your locker full of their pictures.  





3.  If you shared a locker in Grade 9.






4. If you traveled from class to class with your entire homeroom in Grade 9.                     




image5.  If you remember that ND had a chapel in 1975.                                                                                      



6. If you took Hairdressing  in 1978 or 1979. 


image7. If you remember crossing St. John’s school yard to attend one or more of your classes on the top floor of St. John’s. There was a gradual increase in the use of St. John’s school classes from 2 in 1973 to 14 in 1982.     




8. If you enjoyed the school plays of Godspell or Sound of Music.

image9.  If you attended Stratford or Shaw festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Grades 10, 11, and 12.

10. If you went bowling, rollerskating or ice-skating on Marguerite Bourgeoys Day.

11. If you sold Chocolate Nuts and prepared Christmas baskets.

12. If you attended the Neil McNeil Hooley.

13. If you received a school letter.


14. If you remember Miss Sweet Charity and the United Appeal campaign.

15. If you got caught by a Prefect for not being in complete uniform.

16. If you remember a 9 period day and you had 7th period lunch and there was hardly any food left in the Cafeteria.

17.  If you helped to set up chairs and put away chairs after every assembly. ” The honour of putting away the chairs goes to …”

18.  If you remember the Grade 12 Formal (now known as the Prom) being held at the Royal York, Castle Loma or the St. Lawrence Hall.

19.  If you enjoyed assemblies that included Clare McNaul imitating that wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin.

20.  If you remember the GAA, the sports banquet and the Spring Games with Neil McNeil.

21.  If you remember the reading of the Secretary’s report and the Treasurer’s report at every assembly.

22.  If you remember that our school day ended at 3:21pm.

23.  If you were at the school dance when the group, Creed, played.

24.  If you remember Notre Dame having cheerleaders of ND and Neil McNeil.

25.  If you remember Notre Dame had a bowling team and club.

26.  If you remember the folk night for Honduras.


27.   If you remember that ND had an Equestrian Club.

28. If you remember Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Pauline McGibbon visiting Notre Dame.

  1. If you remember any of our Student Council Presidents:
  1. Sheila M
  2. cMorrow 1969 – 1970
  3. Leslie Farrell 1970-71
  4. Mary Kathleen Gunn 1971-72
  5. Margaret Spicer 72-73
  6. Janice Calway 73-74
  7. Phyllis Cancellaro 74-75
  8. Fay Orr 75-76
  9. Sue Collins 76-77
  10. Mary Ann Joseph 77-78
  11. Julie Begley 78-79
  12. Clare McNaul 79-80



Can those of you from the 60’s add more to this list? Put your response below and we will added to our 60’s test!


  1. Sharon Zeagman's Gravatar Sharon Zeagman
    August 10, 2011    

    70’s test addition

    If you remember Sister Corrigan turning on the balcony lights in the gym just when the dance was getting good.

    If you remember changing for gym class up in the balcony.

    If you remember the Bazaar and all the many raffle prizes.

    If you remember fresh kaiser buns with butter in the cafe as well as the chocolate covered cream donuts available every morning.

    If you remember being squished like sardines every day in the cafeteria at lunch.

    If you remember the Marguerite Bourgeoys quizzes every year. If you remember standing there in fear of being called up to answer one of Sister Corrigan’s questions about Marguerite. If the questions were answered correctly the whole school would have a shortened day.

    If you remember the sign above the water fountain in the main hallway that read “There are no strangers here…only friends that you haven’t yet met”

    • Karen Raposo (Godovitz)'s Gravatar Karen Raposo (Godovitz)
      October 1, 2011    

      those chocolate cream donuts mmmmm……had one every morning and had fries and gravy for lunch

  2. Rita Mason's Gravatar Rita Mason
    August 11, 2011    

    Loved the pictures, some of them I have but most of them I have never seen. And yes I remember all the 70’s comments.

    Thanks for the memories xx
    Rita (Andrews) Mason

  3. Joan (Cooper) Hebbes's Gravatar Joan (Cooper) Hebbes
    August 22, 2011    

    More ’70s stuff….

    If you remember wearing the onesy blue gym uniform with the blousy elastic legs.

    If you remember band trips with Sister Fortin to New York and Mexico City.

    If you remember paying tuition fees for Grades 11-13.

    If you remember Lawrence Gowan playing Elton John songs at the Neil McNeil dances.

    If you remember purple/red legs from the winter cold, before the introduction of the ‘new’ uniform.

  4. Karen Raposo (Godovitz)'s Gravatar Karen Raposo (Godovitz)
    October 1, 2011    

    If you remember the doll over the door in Sr. Corrigans’ office telling you what mood she was in …..

  5. Arlene Goguen (nee Sullivan)'s Gravatar Arlene Goguen (nee Sullivan)
    October 13, 2011    

    If you remember:

    Mrs. Bradley blocking the side door of the Cafeteria
    the $1000 draw tickets
    The Sound of Music
    The Starvathon to raise money
    Folk Masses
    The Streakers running through the school.
    and many more memories

  6. Mary Kathleen Gunn's Gravatar Mary Kathleen Gunn
    January 17, 2012    

    Does anyone remember the Miles for Millions walk?
    What was the name of the place on the corner? Was it a Kentucky Fried Chicken?
    I went to Saint Louis with Sister Anne McNally and Sister Fortin but I don´t remember what year…?
    Thanks for so many memories…I don´t have any yearbooks of those years…is there anywhere I could get them? I´d love to show my kids pictures of those years….

    • Karen Raposo (Godovitz)'s Gravatar Karen Raposo (Godovitz)
      May 15, 2012    

      Yes that was definately KFC on the corner

  7. Cathy Glasser (Bradley)'s Gravatar Cathy Glasser (Bradley)
    August 17, 2012    

    If you remember the 60′ – 70’s then you must remember;
    – the Sadie Hawkins dance?
    – Mr. VanBouren(spelling?)
    – the Alpine and the … (I can’t remember the name of the other hang out???)
    -selling chocolate bars
    -rolling up your skirt once you left the buildings
    -being thankful to get to wear the senior vest, because then you only had to iron the sleeves and collar of you blouse.

    • Nuala (Rawson) Bourke's Gravatar Nuala (Rawson) Bourke
      November 4, 2012    

      The other hang out you may be thinking of is the Benlamond known as the Benny. It was at the corner of Main and Kingston Rd.

  8. Nuala (Rawson) Bourke's Gravatar Nuala (Rawson) Bourke
    November 4, 2012    

    The years pass by so quickly. Still love 70’s music. Still best of friends with Patty (Demoe) Tew.

  9. Jennifer Elia's Gravatar Jennifer Elia
    December 22, 2012    

    How fun, I remember the days. Got me to be the person I am today. I have the yearbooks, the photos and all the memories.

  10. Nancy McLauchlan (nee Gaudet)'s Gravatar Nancy McLauchlan (nee Gaudet)
    January 5, 2013    

    I remember those chocolate cream donuts and pizza and fries as a lunch special. Mrs. Bradley keeping us quiet in Study Hall. Keeping to the right when changing classes and 3 minutes to get to your next class with a 10 minute break between 2nd and 3rd periond ( I think). Walking to the Christmas Assembly singing Christmas Carols. Mrs. Beck always making me sit in the front of the class LOL. Can’t remember the name of the lady that came in and taught us how to be young ladies and then we started giving out awards once a month with a pin. Great memories of my teen years!! Great friends.

  11. Cathy Small (Nee Kane)'s Gravatar Cathy Small (Nee Kane)
    January 21, 2013    

    Wonderful memories and great pictures. 70’s add – Having to go and see Mrs. Bradley if you forgot your tie. You had to pay .25 cents for a cut out construction paper tie that she pinned to you shirt.

  12. Maria Calderone Skrinjar's Gravatar Maria Calderone Skrinjar
    April 8, 2013    

    In the ’70’s (I believe ’71/’72) we had Ann Calkin come to the school, for I believe, 3 days to speak to the girls about life and being a lady. GOD IS WARMTH, WARMTH IS LOVE AND LOVE IS GOD. Every month we picked a girl to wear the Ann Calkin pin.

    • Carmela Enright (nee Calleri graduate 1975)'s Gravatar Carmela Enright (nee Calleri graduate 1975)
      September 5, 2014    

      Oh my gosh! I so remember that! What amazing memories.

  13. Ellen Simpson (known to my friends at NDHS as Helen Howell)'s Gravatar Ellen Simpson (known to my friends at NDHS as Helen Howell)
    August 13, 2013    

    Oh, I remember it well! Still can’t pass a chocolate covered cream filled donut. Poor Mrs. Bradley had no control of the lunch room when we would burst into our rendition of “Duke of Earl”. That cold chocolate milk out of that ‘milk machine’ – I miss that. I remember taking New York by storm with Sister Fortin – we were a pretty good band. I came to know Sister Corrigan’s “mood doll” intimately given the number of days I sat in a chair directly below it. I still can’t get out of a car, wearing a dress without thinking of Miss Culken instructing us on “how to”. Don’t see any comments on the site from the class of 72 – that’s too bad as some of them would also remember our trip to Montreal and crossing Europe in the summer of 69. They were great years. I’ve enjoyed looking at this site and sharing these memories. Does anyone recall Sister Corrigan’s invaluable advice at the start of assembly? – “Ladies, your knees and your feet are friends. Don’t seperate them.”

  14. Maria Tela-Selvaggio's Gravatar Maria Tela-Selvaggio
    February 17, 2014    

    If you remember changing for gym on the balcony – no showers
    If you remember asking for hot water to make instant coffee in the cafeteria!
    Who can forget Sr. Hawley and the walking stick! God love her she repeated every math lesson until the whole class got it!!

  15. Theresa Turmel (nee Buckell)'s Gravatar Theresa Turmel (nee Buckell)
    January 30, 2015    

    Message for M.K. Gunn

    Leslie Farrell asked me about you. Her married name is McCauley and she lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Her daughter went to school with my daughter.

    Dr. Theresa Turmel (Buckell) ’74

  16. Monika Buckley nee Wenzel's Gravatar Monika Buckley nee Wenzel
    August 10, 2016    

    Yes- I remember it all! I loved my years at Notre Dame–they made me the woman I am today!!

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