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Margot Van Sluytman, ’80

Margot Van Sluytman, '80











the secret
in silence i breathe
Your knowing.
am filled with
content that shines
and shivers into
reality. with and without
words, my breath knows
union with You. our
voices are one. and
in each second wherein
trust and risk burst
Your secret is

copyright margot van sluytman
from published book: Contemplative Waiting: Write Into the Heart of Your Spiritual Journe


if it is true
that sometimes
the most real things
in the world, are things
we can not see,
then our vision of
hope-filled soulscapes
prove our

reflecting, mirroring,
responding, refleshing
all that we can be
in this now of
eternity’s call,
we see movement
akin to a lost voice,
whose embrace calmed
us, and sipped sorrow
from our spines.

grave howls echo
in our every waking and
sleeping hour, and in the
minutiae of our
unleashed and wanting

we are more alive.

universe grant that we are
more loving. that we are more

copyright margot van sluytman
from published book The Other Inmate: Mediating Justice – Mediating Hope





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