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  1. Maria (Moncada) DiDanieli - graduated in 1982's Gravatar Maria (Moncada) DiDanieli - graduated in 1982
    May 28, 2011    

    Hi everyone – it’s fun to be visiting this website! I was married in 1997 and have two girls, Julia (10) and Emily (8). After leaving grade 13 at Notre Dame, I went to U of T where I attained a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. I then pursued a career in neuroelectrophysiology, and worked in the operating rooms at Toronto Western Hospital and Sick Kids in Toronto. During my years in clinical work, I also enjoyed writing on a free-lance basis. Following a lay-off in 2005, I went to work as a chiropractic assistant and eventually found myself blessed with my current employment as editor of two national health care publications – Canadian Chiropractor and Massage Therapy Canada. I still play piano and my girls are very musically inclined as well! I look forward to seeing old chums in October 2011!!

    • Mary Steinke's Gravatar Mary Steinke
      December 7, 2011    

      Hi All ND Grads, My name is Mary (McCrimmon) Steinke ’82. I’ve started my second career 3 years ago. I am an elementary music teacher with Toronto Catholic. I was married in ’87 and have 3 children – Kristyn -21, Sarah -19, and Peter – 17. I attended Centennial after high school and in ’02 attended Ryerson to complete my degree in ECE. I went to York and graduated a teacher in ’07. Sorry I missed the reunion but was unable to attend. I’m using both the trumpet and guitar at work. I hope to get to the next reunion.

  2. Genevieve Walker class of 1980's Gravatar Genevieve Walker class of 1980
    May 30, 2011    

    well let’s see after 4 different jobs I finally ended up in the family business working for Toronto Police; 24th or 25th year now. Never married was in a common law relationship and have no children. I am now the soul caregiver to my brother Robert (no not the one from Neil McNeil) who has EOA (early onset Alzheimers) and is schizophrenic. He’s doing well and is no bother. I published my first novel “The Gatehouse” under a pseudonym of Gege Lambert which is available through; not available in stores just yet. My beloved mother Aileen passed October 17,2009 and I take this opportunity to thank Sandra Slaney-Clarke for being there for me. Virginia Latcham (nee Walker, my sister class of 78) has 3 grown children; we are still very close. I am presently working on 3 separate new books, learning the piano OH and have died by lovely blonde hair….wait for it…..BLACK!!! Can’t wait to see all of you in October.


    • Kelly Bradley (Nee Jamieson)'s Gravatar Kelly Bradley (Nee Jamieson)
      July 26, 2011    

      Wow Genny.
      I am so happy to see your message. We really lost touch didn’t we. Glad to see that your life as full as it is. I unfortunately am no longer married, but have 3 wonderful boys/young men….no grandchildren as of yet
      Hope to see you and others in October.

      • Kelly Bradley (Nee Jamieson) Class of 1980's Gravatar Kelly Bradley (Nee Jamieson) Class of 1980
        July 26, 2011    

        I can be contacted at

  3. June 15, 2011    

    Margot, who graduate in 1980, continues to deepen her vocation, which is centered on the belief that writing our voice shapes hope and healing. She is often invited to offer talks and workshops at prisons and healing centres across Canada and the US. She has shared the stage with Sr. Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, speaking of the fact that hope and healing can come even after violent crime. Her published books include Sawbonna: A Real Life Restorative Justice Story and The Other Inmate. Mediating Justice-Mediating Hope. Poetry and Workbook for Restorative Practices. Margot is the proud Mom of Olivia and Jessica, the elated Grandmother of Riley, and is soon to be blessed with a Grand-daughter.

  4. Sandy Kelly nee Ewart Class of 1994's Gravatar Sandy Kelly nee Ewart Class of 1994
    June 19, 2011    

    Hey everyone. I am so glad that I am able to be a part of the 70th Anniversary at Dame. The last anniversary I participated in was the 50th as I was attending the school at the time. I hope that a lot of us will be able to make it back to walk the halls and rekindle old memories. After leaving Dame I went on to do a few different jobs and settled in my current position working at the Hospital for Sick Children 8 years ago. I have 4 children aged almost 15, 10, 8 and 8months. :) Can’t wait till October.

  5. Pat(Ave Maria) Finnigan's Gravatar Pat(Ave Maria) Finnigan
    June 23, 2011    

    I spent 30 or so years in various phases of catholic education…elementary as well as secondary. My last 15 years in education was ministering as a secondary school chap[lain. I retired in June 1998 and in the following September began ministering in a chaplain/pastoral care/spiritual care ministry with the Brothers of the Good Shepherd in Hamilton. The Brothers, along with a staff of 400 are one of the largest social service agencies in Hamilton, Ontario. Most of my time is spent in our hospice-palliative care facility but I do a variety of jobs in the other parts of the agency.
    After graduation in 1960, I entered the Felician Sisters Community but left the community in 1990. However, ministering at Good Shepherd Centres has been a reconnection with my call to be of service to others.
    I have lived in Hamilton since 1979 and thoroughly enjoy gardening…..the older I get, the more like my mother I am!!!…25 years ago, I couldn’t imagine what joy my mom got from flowers etc.
    Look forward to reconnecting with the “girls” who attended ND 1956-1960

    • Christine Dominico nee McCarthy's Gravatar Christine Dominico nee McCarthy
      September 19, 2011    

      Ave Maria!
      I knew your whole family at St. Bernadette’s Parish in Ajax…My mom and dad were Lucy and Thad McCarthy. They both passed at 91 years three weeks apart from each other in spring 2010. They are buried in St. Catharines where they moved in 1964.
      I am now retired and living in Marmora, Ontario a little town east of Peterborough. I am still frequently in contact with Susan McGuire Dulny and Rochelle Hickey Lamash. In fact they are visiting next Wednesday.
      I would love to hear how your family are doing. Christine

      • Helen Clark's Gravatar Helen Clark
        February 23, 2012    

        Hello Ave

        How lovely to hear your news after such a long time. You may recall my dad, Tom, who owned the first Canadian Store in Ajax and my mom, Madge (both deceased) and my brother Clint (living in Toronto) and Gord (died tragically in 1969). We lived initially on Ridout Street and then on Simpson Road, Ajax. I have lived and worked in the UK since 1971 but regulary visit the home town and plan to move back when I retire. I never married nor did Clint. Bill came to mom’s funeral in 2005 and he often drops in to visit with Suzanne!

    • Shirley Booth's Gravatar Shirley Booth
      December 3, 2011    

      Hi Ave: So nice to see your message! We live in London,On. Our son Mark is teaching at Laurier U. He and Stephanie have two beautiful daughters, Abby and Lena. They are the joy of our lives!
      I imagine you know that Jeff passed away 5 years ago.We still miss him!, along with Susan, and of course Mom and Dad.
      Sounds like you are enjoying your work and play! Keep in touch.
      Shirley(Booth) Eys

  6. Julia Greenlee's Gravatar Julia Greenlee
    June 26, 2011    

    What memories of the crazy 50’s at Notre Dame. Those years of the sock hops, St Mike’s hockey games, wonderful friendships were an indelible part of my “growing up”-although I must admit I wasn’t very grown-up in those days. After senior matriculating from Notre Dame, my family moved to the States where I completed my degree in English Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle. It is amazing to me how that degree served throughout my career as a teacher, community organizer, worker with at-risk youth, director of a program for low-income, first generation college bound students, public involvement supervisor and finally operations administrator at King County Metro Transit. I am happily retired and have three children and two grandchildren. Seattle is wonderful place for theater, literature, gardening and outside sports and I try to keep active with all. I’d love to hear from my class of ’59 classmates. If any of you are on facebook, please friend me so we can catch up.

  7. Anne Marie Metelsky(Boyle) class of 1964's Gravatar Anne Marie Metelsky(Boyle) class of 1964
    July 22, 2011    

    What a rush of memories of our class of 1964! We had such fun and did some crazy things. I must say that my fondest memory is of Mother St. Rita Helen(Lucille Corrigan). What a wonderful person with a marvelous soul. I would guess that none of us know the good she has done for others.
    I am now a retired teacher. How did I get this old so fast? Steve and I live across the lake in Beamsville. We have 3 sons who have given us 5 awesome granddaughters. I am happy to say that most carry some of my “humour”. A sixth baby will arrive in January. I am still good friends with Glenda Lalonde and Susan Schmidt. I would love to know what many of you are doing…so get busy and fill us the site. Hugs to all!!

  8. Glenda Lalonde's Gravatar Glenda Lalonde
    July 22, 2011    

    Class of /64
    Wonderful happy memories of our days at Notre Dame. We sure did have a lot of fun but also managed to learn a few things. I too remember Sister St. Rita Helen (Sr. Lucille Corrigan) who has a special place in my heart, our retreat at the Cenacle (remember the long staircase and that curved bannister, sliding down and meeting Sr. Rita Helen at the bottom. Also have memories of typing classes in the old Annex, sitting in the cafeteria eating Fudgicles before class and watching the boys from Malvern. I’d love to connect with former classmates. My email is and I’m on Facebook. Hope to see many of you in October!

  9. Rosemary (Vollum) Gibbons's Gravatar Rosemary (Vollum) Gibbons
    August 7, 2011    

    I am a 1964 graduate and very excited to attend the reunion in October! I retired from a 30 yr teaching career in 2005 . I live in Newmarket (right around the corner from Glenda), have a daughter Shannon getting married on August 27th; a son Ryan who has a 3 year old daughter with another girl arriving in September. We just bought a new home in BlufftonSC and hope to spend lots of time in the sunny south! So many fond memories of NDHS in the early 60’s, bring lots of memorabilia on the 15th girls!!

    • Christine Dominico nee McCarthy's Gravatar Christine Dominico nee McCarthy
      September 19, 2011    

      Hi Rosemary,
      I remember you well. After graduation I went to St. Jerome’s University at the U of Waterloo and then on to teach for more than 30 years…both elementary and high school…Iwas at St. Joseph’s Morrow Park on Bayview for years as head of English there.
      My husband Richard and I have 3 children. Paul has a four month old son, Gabriel Richard and they live in Sask. Our daughter Julie who lives in Peterborough, is expecting her first at the end of the month. Our youngest, Alysha is married to Vicky and they have just moved back to Canada from a 5 year stint in Australia. They now live in Bancroft. We go south to FLA for three months each winter.

    • Leanne Long (nee Urban) Class of 1987's Gravatar Leanne Long (nee Urban) Class of 1987
      September 26, 2011    

      Another southerner….have you started to say Ya’ll instead of EH! yet? lol

      • Zorina Jamieson (Pura)'s Gravatar Zorina Jamieson (Pura)
        November 13, 2011    

        Hi Leanne,
        not sure if you remember me. But I think you were one of my first friends in grade 9..It was long time ago eh? How are you? I hope all is well. Take care for now. BTW did you stay in contact with anyone from high school?

      • Maria Presta's Gravatar Maria Presta
        November 28, 2011    

        I remember you too, Leanne. I don’t know if you remember me, because I don’t think we were in too many classes together. I am glad to hear that you are doing well, and wish you all the best!

  10. August 22, 2011    

    Hi there…I would like to provide an update on my sister Therese ’81…Therese is now Principal of Our Lady of the Hills Catholic School in Kerrville, Texas. She is married to Steve and has four children…Hannah, Stephen, Christopher and Michael.

  11. Maria Presta's Gravatar Maria Presta
    September 19, 2011    

    I graduated from Grade 12 in 1987, and then Grade 13, in 1988. After Graduation, I attended Glendon College, where I did a B.A. in Sociology, and another in English, and did take some French courses as well.
    In University, I became interested in Montessori Education, and went on to get my Association Montessori Internationale Diploma at the 3-6+, or Casa Level, where I also found a Notre Dame Grad of 1988! I taught in various Montessori Schools in the Toronto Area for about 10 years.
    I volunteer for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, since My Mom has MS. I am currently a caregiver for my Mother, who is in the later stages of MS, with my Dad and Sister.
    I am the proud Godmother of 6 year old Lucas!
    I would love to hear from other Notre Dame alumni, from my year, and in general.
    I would love to do my high school years over if I could, and this time do it differently, cherishing all the wonderful memories and experiences that high school has to offer.

  12. Leanne Long (nee Urban) Class of 1987's Gravatar Leanne Long (nee Urban) Class of 1987
    September 26, 2011    

    Hey everyone,
    After I graduated ND, I went on to George Brown College. I am now a RN in Wilmington NC. I am a Oncology Nurse for a outpatient unit. I have 2 wonderful boys, William age 8 and Alex aka Fuzz age 5. I have been married to a true “southern”boy for the past 13 years(will be 14 this Novmember). I hope everyone has a great time at the 70th year reunion. I hope to be there for the class 0f ’87 25th anniversary.

  13. Sue Keeble (nee Hansen)'s Gravatar Sue Keeble (nee Hansen)
    September 30, 2011    

    Graduated 1977. My mother died in the fall after graduation. I married John Walton, had 4 children, divorced and married my soulmate Ron in 1991. We had a son which rounded out our family to 5 children. My oldest son died in 2002. Two kids have graduated from college and 1 just received her B.Sc.Nurs. from Ryerson. The youngest started first year university this fall. I’m looking forward to the Fabulous Fifties and hopefully some travel.

    • Tina Mongillo's Gravatar Tina Mongillo
      November 17, 2015    

      I think I know u. I graduated from NDHS in 1977. I was in the band with Florence, Kathy, Sabina, and others. If I remember, u had orangy-red hair. Right?

    October 13, 2011    

    After looking through my Retired Teachers of Ontario magazine in September, I noticed that Notre Dame was having it’s 70th reunion. Since most of my family lives in southern Ontario, I thought why not go. Even though it has been quite a few years since I went there, 1969, I’m sure it will bring back many memories. I’ll try to convince my younger sister to go with me as she also attended Notre Dame for two years. I’m looking forward to Saturday.

  15. Patricia Korn (nee Adair)'s Gravatar Patricia Korn (nee Adair)
    December 16, 2011    

    I attended Notre Dame from 1959 through to April 1962 when our family moved to Montreal. I would have been in the Graduating Class of 1963. Hoping to find old friends from these years, especially Grade 11 (1961-1962), Home Room teacher Sister St. George. Principal at this time was Sister Helen of the Savior.

    I have the first issue of the Yearbook “Ubi Honor” published in 1962 I believe.

    So, anyone out there remember me??????

  16. Rosemary Nardella-Lanni (Class of 1978)'s Gravatar Rosemary Nardella-Lanni (Class of 1978)
    June 28, 2012    

    Hello to all my past and special friends I made from September 1974 to 1978. I always thinks of my special times and memories of Notre Dame.

    Looking forward in seeing you all soon.


    • Maria Tela-Selvaggio's Gravatar Maria Tela-Selvaggio
      February 17, 2014    

      HI Rosemary- remember me we made crispelli in home economics one year
      hope your coming to the reunion in May 2014 would love to catch up
      I am married 25 years – my daughter also graduated from ND and my son from Neil. I have been working since graduation and love my current job.
      looking forward to seeing everyone from class of ’78..


  17. Jennifer Blain (nee: Elia)'s Gravatar Jennifer Blain (nee: Elia)
    May 10, 2013    

    Hello to all my friends and teachers from 1974- 1978. I am presently living in Calgary, Alberta.
    Just dropping by to say “Hi”, as I have been thinking about you. Feel free to contact me.

    take care

  18. Catherine Collins Parrott's Gravatar Catherine Collins Parrott
    June 22, 2013    

    Hi, first visit to this site. I think I graduated in 1974. My yearbooks were lost to an unfortunate incident. I will always remember Sister Newlands and Mr. Alcabo. Latin classes and the trip to St. Louis. The best times of my life were spent at Notre Dame. Is there anyone out there from my class?

  19. Tammy Reid (Asselin)'s Gravatar Tammy Reid (Asselin)
    May 19, 2014    

    Hi, my name is Tammy, looking for grads of 1988. I am a veterinary Technician, have three children, justin(24)’ Aaron(21)’ Brandon(18). I live in toronto(scar, area). If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you, as I have been trying to find out if there has been a reunion for our class of 1988. You can also find me on Facebook. Can’t wait to see how my fellow classmates are doing.

  20. Carmela Riscica-Nunes's Gravatar Carmela Riscica-Nunes
    September 26, 2014    

    Hi Rosemary,
    Carmela Ruscica-Nunes here. I have great memories of Notrw Dame and of riding the bus together.
    I hope we see each other at the next reunion.

    • Rosemary Lanni's Gravatar Rosemary Lanni
      November 9, 2015    

      Not sure how I came across this?

  21. Jane Kay for Marjorie Barton's Gravatar Jane Kay for Marjorie Barton
    October 30, 2015    

    Marjorie Kay (nee Barton), my mom, attended NDHS in the early 1940s. She is now 88 and lives in Mississauga. I don’t know if she will be attending the reunion but she enjoys reminiscing about the girls in her class.

    Thank you!

  22. Margaret (O'Hare) McKay Grad. of 1952's Gravatar Margaret (O'Hare) McKay Grad. of 1952
    November 15, 2015    

    I graduated in Jun 1952 and am SO looking forward to ‘connecting’ with any of my classmates. I live on Vancouver Island, BC, am married, have 2 children and 3 grandkids. Will be in Burlington, ON shortly for a week (Dec 5 – Dec 12) ….. and FOR SURE will attend the celebration in Oct 2016. Would love to hear from any of my former classmates.

  23. Dorothy [ McCarville] Werbowski Class of 65's Gravatar Dorothy [ McCarville] Werbowski Class of 65
    January 2, 2016    

    Hi, After graduation I started with CPAir and worked there until 1986; then became a stay-at-home Mom with 3 daughters. In 1995 Bill and I and the girls transferred to Calgary where we live now and absolutely love it. I am looking for anyone who lives in Calgary now too. I understand that Anita McCann and Louise Baker are here but I can’t find them. Please keep your ears open for them and find me on FB. Happy New Year and God Bless, 2016

  24. Donna Hilsenteger (nee Plati 1980)'s Gravatar Donna Hilsenteger (nee Plati 1980)
    January 3, 2016    

    I attended Notre Dame from 1977 through 1979 when my family moved from Toronto to Woodbridge.I would have been part of the graduating class of 1980. I have been married for 33 years this year, have 3 children(Vincent 31, Lewis 30 and Elizabeth 15) and 2 grandchildren (William 6 and Lincoln 4). I live and work in Newmarket, Ontario. I am an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) graduate and am the principal of a small private Montessori school in Newmarket. I look forward to connecting with friends from 1980 at the upcoming reunion in October. (

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