For Notre Dame Grads and Friends

The 40s

Pauline (Papizzo) Lupo, 1946

After leaving Notre Dame she married Lou Lupo who was a well known singer in the Young People’s  Club at Corpus Christi. They have six children, five daughters and one son and 17 grandchildren as well as two great-grandchildren. Pauline worked at the Registry Office as a Title Searcher and still  continues to volunteer with the Cancer Society and works with children in a reading class once a week. Pauline’s two daughters attended Notre Dame and one of her granddaughters will be graduating from Notre Dame this year.

Mary (Raponi) O’Neill, 1946

Mary is the best friend of Pauline (above). They were born next door to each other on Kimberley Street. They attend both elementary and high school together. Mary has three wonderful daughters as well as five grandchildren. In Mary’s early married years she traveled quite a lot with her husband. Mary and Pauline worked together after high school. Mary and Pauline continue to share a special relationship as best friends after all these year.

1948: Marion Milne (nee McQuillen ) Raised 7 children. When the children were older she worked part time in retail and retired at 70. Marion has 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  She was widowed in 2004. She is an avid reader and enjoys her dogs company.

1948: Constance Weaver (nee Palialunga) After graduating she did secretarial and accounting work until she retired. For 10 of those years she stayed home to raise her 2 children. She has 1 great grandchild. Constance plays bridge, golfs, attends the theatre and enjoys movies.

1948: Joan Pimento (nee Corrigan) Joan has been married for 53 years. She raised 4 children and has 7 grandchildren.  For 10 years she attended school board meetings and ran twice for school board trustee. Joan is the president of her parish CWL. She has been and is still involved in many organizations; Catholic Civil Right League, Campaign Life Coalition, Real Women of Canada, The Pro Life Movement, Toronto Right to Life and Liberal For Life.

1948: Winnifred Guyton (nee Mercer ) She worked at Ontario Hydro then Winnifred raised 5 children and has 16 grandchildren. After her children where grown she worked at a daycare centre teaching children to read. She and her husband spent a few years wintering in Florida. She has been living in Innisfil for the last 11 years. Winnifred enjoys knitting, bowling and shuffle board.

1948: Teresa McDonnell (nee Tunny) Teresa was a nurse for many years and retired in 1996. She married in 1954 and raised 4 children. In 1989 she lost her husband. This spring she moved from her home of 43 years to a condominium. She has 5 grandchildren.

1948: Kathleen Mercer (Forbes ) Worked for the Royal Bank and is now retired. She raised 6 children, has 15 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She used to volunteer at the school library and now volunteers at a thrift shop. Kathleen spends the winters in Arizona. She enjoys knitting.

Doreen Stewart (nee Dawe) 1949)

Doreen is married with two children. She worked for Bell Canada for 25 years. She has been enjoying her retirement years by being actively involved with ladies golf.


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