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The 80s

Margot Van  Sluytman1980  

(updated June, 2011)

Margot continues to deepen her vocation, which is centered on the belief that writing our voice shapes hope and healing. She is often invited to offer talks and workshops at prisons and healing centres across Canada and the US. She has shared the stage with Sr. Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, speaking of the fact that hope and healing can come even after violent crime. Her published books include Sawbonna: A Real Life Restorative Justice Story and The Other Inmate. Mediating Justice-Mediating Hope. Poetry and Workbook for Restorative Practices. Margot is the proud Mom of Olivia and Jessica, the elated Grandmother of Riley, and is soon to be blessed with a Grand-daughter.

Margot graduated from Notre Dame in 1980, and will always have the deepest love for Sr. Lucille Corrigan, who was her poignant support after her Father, Theodore Van Sluytman was murdered in Scarborough in 1978.


Joanna (Sidoti) De Girolamo 1980

I graduated grade 12 in 1980, graduated grade 13 and went on to graduate U of T with A B.A. in Modern Languages —Italian and French Language and Linguistics in 1984. In 1988 I married Gerry De Girolamo — a Neil McNeil student and my escort to the Notre Dame grade 12 Graduation Gala. We have three beautiful children, Mara, Joseph and Andre.

As I reflect on past years, I know that I am grateful for what I have and to those in my life who have been with me on my life’s journey. I remember and thank Sr. Fraser for the shared prayers, words of wisdom, and for the ‘ten seconds”. As I think back to those days in grade 13, I realize that Sr. Fraser provided me with words of guidance. She tried to explain what it meant to be a young woman with Catholic Christian morals and values and I believe she tried to promote the importance of the power of faith as I went out to find my place in society; I know now that her words helped me launch into my life’s journey beyond my five years at Notre Dame.

Sara (Garritano) Niro 1980

Sara is married and has four children . Sara stayed at home for 20 years raising her family. She went back to school and became a Library Technician. Sara is now working at Seneca College and still continuing her  education. This will be the 30th Anniversary of  Sara’s graduation year and she hoping to have many Alumnae attend.

1980: Mary D’Agostini (nee Campbell) For 16 years Mary stayed home to raise her 3 children.  Since 2001 she has been working as an educational assistant for the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Mary is still involved in athletics. She coaches the school hockey and soccer teams. She stays fit by walking, swimming and playing volleyball.


1981: Therese Devine 

Therese is now Principal of Our Lady of the Hills Catholic School in Kerrville, Texas. She is married to Steve and has four children…Hannah, Stephen, Christopher and Michael.

Genevieve Walker class of 1980   

(updated May, 2011)

well let’s see after 4 different jobs I finally ended up in the family business working for Toronto Police; 24th or 25th year now. Never married was in a common law relationship and have no children. I am now the soul caregiver to my brother Robert (no not the one from Neil McNeil) who has EOA (early onset Alzheimers) and is schizophrenic. He’s doing well and is no bother. I published my first novel “The Gatehouse” under a pseudonym of Gege Lambert which is available through; not available in stores just yet. My beloved mother Aileen passed October 17,2009 and I take this opportunity to thank Sandra Slaney-Clarke for being there for me. Virginia Latcham (nee Walker, my sister class of 78) has 3 grown children; we are still very close. I am presently working on 3 separate new books, learning the piano OH and have died by lovely blonde hair….wait for it…..BLACK!!! Can’t wait to see all of you in October.

Mary (McManus) Comeau 1982

After graduating from Notre Dame High School, Mary attended the Nursing Program at Ryerson. She is married and has two boys, Aaron and Liam, ages eight and ten. Mary  now works part-time at Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus. She works in the Emergency Department and she resides with her family in Stouffiville.


Mary (Moncada) DiDanieli 1982
(updated May, 2011)

Hi everyone – it’s fun to be visiting this website! I was married in 1997 and have two girls, Julia (10) and Emily (8). After leaving grade 13 at Notre Dame, I went to U of T where I attained a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. I then pursued a career in neuroelectrophysiology, and worked in the operating rooms at Toronto Western Hospital and Sick Kids in Toronto. During my years in clinical work, I also enjoyed writing on a free-lance basis. Following a lay-off in 2005, I went to work as a chiropractic assistant and eventually found myself blessed with my current employment as editor of two national health care publications – Canadian Chiropractor and Massage Therapy Canada. I still play piano and my girls are very musically inclined as well! I look forward to seeing old chums in October 2011!!


Angela (O’Hara) Mutiisa (1982) works as a payroll accountant for a private company. She has been married for seven years and she enjoys travelling.

Mary Louise (Derbyshire) Morris (1982) was married in 1997 to Jim Morris who was the nephew of Mother St. Irene (Sr. Smith). She was widowed in 2002. She has two children and is a project manager for the Royal Bank.

1983 : Debbie Sololovski (nee Campbell) Debbie has been a supervisor for the Toronto Social Services Policy for 20 years. She has been married for 23 years and has 2 children. She enjoys going up north and spending time with her family.

1983: Joanne Lewis (nee Maiolo ) Joanne is a registered dietician and a certified diabetes educator. She taught fitness for many years. She is married and has 3 children. Joanne liked to travel and enjoys attending the theatre.

Helen (Green ) Bruce 1984

Helen graduated from Notre Dame and continued her education for grade thirteen at RH King. She went on to York University and received her Honours BA. She is married and works for Sate Farm Insurance as a Compliance Analysis. She resides in Innisfil, Ontario.

1985: Deborah Niles Is married and has a 2 year old son.

1985: Deborah Niles: After graduating from ND Deborah attended U of T and received a degree in History and English. She has been working in marketing legal and financial services. She was married in 2005. Her son Brandon was born on June 18,, 2006.

Kelly (Seyffert) Carpino (1986) graduated from UofT with an honours BA in Archaeology and went to work in the field for about one year.  She then worked for an office furniture company following that for eight years. She took time off after the birth of her first son and was off for about ten years. She now has three boys aged ten, eight and fie. She recently got a job with the Halton Catholic School Board as an EA and will be starting in September.

Susan Szarka (1986)

Susan attended York University and has worked as a personal trainer for several years. She recently married and resides in Toronto.

Lucy (Lonefice) Cirone, 1987

Lucy attended a two year program at Seneca College and graduated with a General Business Diploma, She then went on to attend York for five years and received both a BA as well as a MA. Lucy is working in Database Management at Rogers Publishing, Lucy was married in 1996 and they have one daughter named Victoria.

Deanna (Spohn) McDermott,  1989

After Notre Dame, I attended Centennial College and graduated with a diploma in Computer Programming. This led to a long career with HP Canada (formerly known as EDS) beginning in technical support and transferring into Human Resources which better suited to my desire to work with people. I had the opportunity to work in Recruiting, Employee Relations as well as Transitions and Acquisitions and earned my HR designation. Unfortunately, the company downsized and I found HR work with Ajilon Canada. In my new role, my focus was developing policies and programs for the organization. After a short stint at a sales company, I’ve returned to Ajilon for  help with an integration project.

The two big events in my life since high school was the joy of meeting my husband, Michael, on-line and getting married to him in June 2009; O happy day!

The other was pursuing my love of singing and music. Some of you may recall that I was involved in the Folk Group and Choir with Miss Gassi at Notre Dame and that led to more than 5 years of music ministry at St. Paul’s Basilica downtown. After a year-long break, I sang and played guitar at St. Martin de Porres church in Scarborough.

During this time, I kept searching for wholeness and I found it in renewing my relationship with God. And I asked Him, “Lord what do you want me to do?” And He said one word, “Sing!” And thus began my amazing journey to creation of my debut CD, Let Me Sing and various singing opportunities at places, such as, Mel Lastman Square, the Peoples Church, the Women Conferences as well as Sisters Restaurant in Scarborough.

Now I am the Worship Coordinator at Calvary Church and am preparing to host a fall concert of popular and Broadway tunes. Feel free to visit my website, for details and other upcoming singing events.



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  1. Mary Garritano 1984's Gravatar Mary Garritano 1984
    September 6, 2011    

    I have 2 children ages 18 and 22. I have been working at WSIB since 1984
    after graduating from Ryerson Polytechnical. I enjoy the many reunions
    over the years and look forward to seeing more grads from 1981 and 1982.

  2. Bruna Maiorano's Gravatar Bruna Maiorano
    October 3, 2011    

    I graduated in 1985. My maiden name is Maiorano. I went on to Ryerson and graduated with a B.A.A. in Information Management. Following that, I obtained my Bachelor’s of Education and began my teaching career teaching Business Studies at Notre Dame—the school I proudly graduated from. After one year of teaching there, I was declared redundant and was transferred to teach in Scarborough, where I lived with my husband who I met in 1988 while at Ryerson. I still have great memories of my high school graduation ceremony at St. Michael’s Cathedral and dreamed I would get married there one day…..and that I did in 1991.

    I now have three wonderful sons, aged 18, 16, and 11. I no longer work for the Toronto Catholic board. After five years of teaching high school and few years at home in between with my boys, I decided to teach at the elementary level. I now live in Ajax with my family and am currently an elementary teacher working for the Durham Catholic District School Board.


  3. angie guadagno's Gravatar angie guadagno
    November 10, 2011    

    Hello Everyone!! (special hello to graduating class of 1980!!!)

    Joanne Sidoti,

    I was so happy to read about you and your family. I was not able to come to the 70 year celebration. I am still here teaching at St. Patick Catholic Secondary School. Please e-mail me if you read this. I am also trying to get in touch with Frances Ferrante. Hope to hear from many others. Great memories still in my heart!!


  4. December 5, 2011    

    We are having a Notre Dame Class of ’89 Reunion in Spring/Summer of 2012.
    For those of you who are interested, please email me.


  5. Tracey LeBel's Gravatar Tracey LeBel
    December 18, 2011    

    I’m so excited to here about this !! I would love to attend . and if I can help please let me know .

  6. Peggy Waye [nee Blood] Class of 1981's Gravatar Peggy Waye [nee Blood] Class of 1981
    April 10, 2012    

    Hi to all the girls in the class of ’81.

    After graduation, worked for Bank of Montreal Head Office, Toronto, in the Gold and Securities Vault registering securities and then went on to join the Group Marketing Division of Canada Life Assurance Company. It took a little while for me to realize what I really wanted to do with my life. In January 1985, joined Toronto Police as a civilian employee. Spent the next 17 years working in many areas of policing including 6 years at the Police College, with overtime assignments for the Homicide Squad. After this, I transferred to Police Headquarters and spent the next several years working in Trial Preparation, Intelligence, and 6 years at Community Policing. During my years with Toronto Police, I worked for 4 different Police Chiefs including the current Chief, Chief William Blair who was my Superintendent during my time in Community Policing.

    While working at Police Headquarters, I met my husband John, a TTC Ticket Collector. We were married in 1997, honeymooned in Greece and Turkey, and in 2000 welcomed
    our first and only child, a little boy, Derryck, who is now 12, going on 90.

    Have had a great life and look back fondly on my years at NDHS. Look forward to hearing from any of my fellow classmates from ’81.

    • rosey (naunheimer) colautti's Gravatar rosey (naunheimer) colautti
      July 7, 2013    

      hi, peggy!
      you were in my homeroom way back.
      i have pictures i’d like you to have.
      so far i’ve been successful in sending pictures to chrislyn manning and louela
      manankil…hope you’ll read this and contact me.
      big hug.
      you had the best laugh.
      life is good,
      rosey c.

      • Peggy Waye [nee Blood], Class of '81's Gravatar Peggy Waye [nee Blood], Class of '81
        May 17, 2014    

        Hi Rosey,

        It was such a nice surprise today to see your message – would have responded to you sooner, but this is the first time I have visited the Alumni site since I left my message. I would love to receive any photos you have of our class. Hope life has been good to you – you sound very happy. Thank you for making my Grade 10 year so happy – I know from my son Derryck how truly important a good teacher can be to succeeding in school and enjoying your year. Some teachers have a gift for teaching – you are one of them. You made such a difference in my years at Notre. Please say ‘hi’ to Chrislyn and Louella if you are in touch – I remember both so well. Hard to believe how the years have flown. Be happy – you deserve it!


        Peg W.

  7. Vanda Apostoli-Carino's Gravatar Vanda Apostoli-Carino
    October 9, 2013    

    Hello to the graduating ladies of ’85.

    My name is Vanda Apostoli. After graduation, I went onto becoming a licensed hairstylist and cosmetologist from Marvel Beauty School. That is where I met my first husband and we were married four years later. Shortly thereafter we welcomed my first and only child, a boy named Louie who is 21 years old and is attending his third year at Brock University. I have remarried and inherited a beautiful step daughter named Nicole who is 19 and is attending her first year at York University.

    I reside in a charming community called Stouffville. I no longer do hair, so currently
    I am an Accounting Executive for a small Audio Visual firm situated in Pickering, Ontario. I also run a home based wedding company called “Champagne Wishes” and I’m also considering to start a home staging endeavor as well.

    I hope to hear from many others. Hold many fond memories in my heart!

  8. Rocchina Colangelo's Gravatar Rocchina Colangelo
    August 22, 2015    

    Hi Ladies! I am looking for my childhood best friend. Her name was Maria Luisa Carrello. We attended St Brigid’s Catholic School and she would’ve graduated from Notre Dame in 1982 or 1983. She was the eldest in her family and had two sisters, Lorretta and Antonella and a brother, Joe. I have so many fond memories and just wanted to say HI and thanks for the great friendship all those years ago! If anyone knows Maria Luisa, let me know…thanks!!!

  9. Adelaide Palet's Gravatar Adelaide Palet
    February 16, 2016    

    Hi there ladies Class of ’81 (12) and Class ’82 (13)

    After graduating from UofT and some jobs here and there, I decided to move to Portugal in ’92. got married and have 2 boys aged 17 (Daniel) and 14 (David). I work for the Cascais Town Hall in one of the Museums, teach English and belong to the town Hall theater and folk dancing group.

    I will for sure be at the 75th reunion in T.O in October and hope to see everyone.

  10. Rita Calleri's Gravatar Rita Calleri
    February 16, 2016    

    Hi everyone. I have such wonderful memories or ND. After graduating I went to Centennial College graduated with a certificate in business. I worked for years at Pine Hills Cenetary. I then retrained and went on to the funeral home side. I met my husband Marco while working there. We married in 1996, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Emily Anne Marie in 2001. I am a stay at home mom and while home I took care of my mom who was I’ll.

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